17 March 2017

Journal Article By: 

M. J. Peterson

This unit serves two purposes:

  1. Identify intruders and alert residents of possible threats
  2. Aggregate and display information on an unobtrusive display.

The Python Open Computer Vision module aids in both functions. OpenCV constructs a digital model of scene and uses mathematical operations to assess the threat posed by any motion. If a threat is detected when the residents are asleep or not home, an alert will be issued and pictures of the intruder will be automatically uploaded to the cloud.

The display consists of a used monitor rescued from University surplus. The frame is removed and the LED screen is framed behind observation glass. When the monitor is turned off, it resembles a mirror. When the OpenCV detects that someone is looking at it, the monitor turns on and displays the weather, agenda, and any other information that one cares to configure.

The project is powered by a Raspberry Pi 3.