Global statistics of lightning in anvil and stratiform regions over the tropics and subtropics observed by TRMM

16 March 2017

Lightning is a natural hazard that is often associated with convective processes. Strong updrafts within the thunderstorm’s core provide a venue for different species of ice to collide and transfer electrons in the process. They also sort ice particles by mass, leading to charge separation and lightning production. Lightning can occur outside of the convective core, however. This study uses Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) observations to identify lightning flashes in anvil and stratiform regions of thunderstorms across the tropics.

M. J. Peterson and C. Liu

Picture Caption: 

Storm with Anvil/Stratiform Flashes. Plusses: LIS flash centroids. Color scale: TRMM PR rain type (conv., strat., anvil).

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