GLD360 Performance relative to TRMM/LIS

16 October 2017

Vaisala GLD360 lightning observations are compared with total lightnign measurements made by LIS on the TRMM satellite.

S. Rudlosky, M. J. Peterson, and D. Kahn

Picture Caption: 

Lightning Imaging Sensor flash counts during (a) 2012, (b) 2013, (c) 2014, and (d) 2012–14, along with the GLD360 stroke counts during (e) 2012, (f) 2013, (g) 2014, and (h) 2012–14. The color scale differs for (d) and (h), with colors representing 3 times the values depicted in (a)–(c) and (e)–(g). The limited LIS view time accounts for the much smaller LIS flash counts.

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