Radar data from the TRMM satellite is used to construct a three-dimensional digital model of a hurricane that is then sent to a 3D printer. This project is a feasibility study that will lead to the creation of education and outreach aides that are based on real scientific data rather than conceptual models.
An electric field mill constructed using 3D printed and metallic off-the-shelf parts. It is powered by an Arduino and currently runs on a Raspberry Pi 2 that serves as a data logger.
A 1:150th scale model of the USS Alaska (CB-01) powered by a Raspberry Pi 3. It is capable of propulsion and self-guidance. It also features a compressed air system and functional turrets to propel biodegradable airsoft rounds at targets. Painted with her Atlantic camouflage color scheme.
The 3rd iteration of a remotely controlled submersible vehicle powered by a Raspberry Pi 2. The motivation behind this project is to create a platform that can be used to explore underwater environments in search of aquatic life despite a lack of in-situ observations via baited sampling. The Mk.3 unit maximized the use of off-the-shelf hardware to minimize the printing requirements.